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  • Category: Wheels & Tires
    Price: $85
    Private or Vendor Listing: Private Listing
    Location (State): OR
    Item Condition: Used
    Shipping Information: Item can be shipped
    Engine: Part suitable for gas truck
    Part fits:: older-1947, 1948-1960, 1961-1966, 1967-1972

    I have available two sets of tubeless 19.5" x 6" truck wheels having the 5 lug x 8" bolt pattern. One set of seven, the other a set of six. They are Budd #89340. They are in good shape with no pot hole bends, structural rust, or other significant issues. They are at my son's place in Oregon and can be shipped. They are $85 per wheel plus the amount it took to pull and dispose of the dead tires. The exact amount will depend on which set is purchased, but is about $8 per tire. Shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer. My son and I will help with shipping coordination and will deliver to the shipper. Below is a picture of the wheels. If you have questions please ask. Stu

  • I went picking this week and came home with another set of these Budds, but these have tires. Two of the tires are really nice new looking Bridgestones, the other five have good tread but are sun cracked. Same money, but if you live close enough to pick these up you'd save shipping and at least have tires to help you get rid of your widowmakers. Stu
  • Stu,

    I definitely want one set or the other, but my inclination is to go with the set which has tires provided the shipping isn't too much more, and quality is similar, also would prefer a seven wheel set. I am new to the FTE so I don't know the protocul for purchasing. My e-mail is if that is an easier contact.
  • Jack - I'll email you. Stu
  • Stu:

    I am also a newbie and just bought a 48 F4 this week and would go for an available set of 19.5s to be shipped to Wisconsin. Email is

  • Welcome to the group Jon. Glad to see another F-4 being saved. I'll email you. Stu
  • These three sets now have good homes. Stu
  • Wheels

    I just came across your wheel post and I think I'm to late for these wheels but if you should find another set I am looking for six. My name is Jim Jatho and I live in Augusta, GA I recently found a '48 F5 flatbed dump that I am restoring for use around our farm and maybe parades with the kids. I have ten wheels but 8 are "widow makers" and two have split ring that I would rather not use. I am new to the forum and can't believe all the information I have already found. What a great site. BTW if anyone can tell me how the mechanical dump cyclinder is put together I would appreciate it.

  • Wheels
    I forgot to give you my e-mail. It is
  • Welcome to the group, Jim. I sent you an email and linked in one of my other listings. Stu
  • These sets have now been sold. Thanks. Stu
  • damn that original set in my home state would've been perfect!...any others at your sons place?
  • No, sorry, neither of us has any right now but you might check this CL ad for what looks like a set up in the Pasco, WA, area. Stu

  • My son has another set of the Budd R89340s available. It's a set of six, same details and description as the above listing. He may also have a second set available soon, but I'll add details about them later. Below is a picture of the currently available set. Stu


  • The second set mentioned above is also now available. Here's a picture of that set of six. Same details and description as the others. Stu

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    195, 1973, 60, big, bolt, bud, budd, custom, ford, lug, pattern, rims, truck, wheel, wheels

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